Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Plagiarism Detection: PlagScan vs. PlagSpotter

Plagiarism, or stealing other people’s language and ideas, is a known problem that exists since forever, but the development of the Internet in the last two decades gave this problem a completely new dimension, providing quick access to thousands of free and available to everyone resources on any given subject. Instead of learning, developing critical thinking and creating greater value, many students and authors are now choosing to copy, or often just slightly rework others original works mixing several different sources. Plagiarism is a fact of today – the question is how to stay protected.

There are different tools and software people use these days to detect plagiarism and protect their original work. School and university professors can, for example, use the PlagScan professional and academic plagiarism detection service to analyze their students’ essays, thesis and dissertations and see if parts of their work have been plagiarized. They can copy and paste the text, upload a whole paper or add as many documents as they need, and PlagScan will check the content and deliver a detailed PDF, plain text and docx formatted report via email that shows the percentage of duplicated work, the sources of the original content, and highlighted potentially plagiarized phrases so they can quickly assess, during the regular proofreading, whether the particular match is plagiarism or just an acceptable citation.

Webmasters who often buy content for their websites and want to make sure their authors are delivering only unique writings can also benefit from this plagiarism detection software. There are different types of accounts – single and power user, depending on the volume of checked documents, and also a special version for registered organizations, where each user has an individual sub-account through which he/she can directly upload the documents to the organization’s user account.

PlagScan is a paid service, with an internal credit point system, but the first-time users can also register for a free test account if they want to check the offered quality. Since PlagScan is certain their users will be satisfied with their product, they additionally offer a full refund, within two weeks after the initial purchase.

PlagScan checks the uploaded content comparing it to the user’s own database and its own global documents, and for the Web documents they use the search index of Yahoo. But authors who write for the Internet, bloggers and webmasters who want to protect their website content from stealing and to automatically monitor their web pages for plagiarism can better benefit from the PlagSpotter duplicate content checking and monitoring tool.

This online tool will instantly scan the entered URLs for duplicate content on the Internet, and provide information of the percentage of matched content, together with a list of the external URLs that contain the matching text. Based on this data SEOs and bloggers can undertake the needed actions to inform the popular search engines of the detected plagiarism, which can penalize and even block the stealing websites if they don’t remove the duplicates.

There’s a free version of PlagSpotter where you are only allowed to enter one URL at a time, and different paid packages that let you automatically monitor the URLs you’ve selected for duplicate content, on a daily or weekly basis, and get email notifications for the % of duplication. For additional protection, web owners can embed the "Protected by PlagSpotter" badge on their website to warn others from stealing their content. The paid plans also have a free 7 day trial offer.


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