Sunday, October 19, 2008

Plagiarisim Today's review of CopyrightSpot

Jonathan Bailey from PlagiarismToday recently wrote a review of CopyrightSpot. Jonathan is an expert when it comes to methods and tools to protect your original content online and he is always insightful and thorough with his reviews. As he stated in his review:
I put the service (CopyrightSpot) to the test to see how well it performs against Google and some of its competitors. The results were surprising.
Even thou CopyrightSpot is still in alpha and has more work to do to create one of the top online content protection tools, Jonathan didn't cut it any slack during his testing. This is what he said:
Since CopyrightSpot is in an alpha release, I feel the need to go very easy on it. However, since many have already started relying upon it as their primary copy detection tool, I did want to put it through a few tests to see how it stacked up against both Copyscape and Google itself.
We're glad he didn't take it easy on testing CopyrightSpot and his review has provided a great resource for us to use to help shape CopyrightSpot. We've already begun to incorporate some of his suggestions. We'll make an announcement here when they're ready to use.

It's exciting that a solid base for plagiarism detection has been built into CopyrightSpot and attention can now be used to tweak and enhance the detection algorithm, along with building out more tools to help bloggers, authors and poets with protecting and managing their online original content.

Copyright News 2008-10-19

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Yahoo! BOSS Mashable Challenge

Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Yahoo! BOSS Mashable Challenge. This was an exciting contest and provided us the motivation to complete an alpha version of CopyrightSpot to release to the the public. We humbly took 4th place in the contest, which had over 50 submissions. The greatest return has been all the positive responses we've received from professional bloggers and writers. Here is a quote from Troy who said:
What a GREAT service. I was able to find where a recent article I had written was being used and verify that I was given content credit. It took a matter of seconds for CopyrightSpot to pull the information and for me to verify.
Thanks again for all the support from everyone. It will continue to motivate us to provide the best tools we can to bring transparency and accountablity to the re-use of your writing on the web.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Importance of Plagiarism Detection

If you put your energy and passion into creating original writing and then publish it on the web, you know the importance and value of being able to discover everywhere your content appears online. Having a tool that can easily discover re-use of your writing on the web allows you to publish more confidently and provides a great way to find new business opportunities.

CopyrightSpot was created to empower you to publish online with confidence. Let us discover where all your original writing lives on the web and provide you the necessary tools to decide on how your writing is re-used. This visibility of knowing where your writing lives online can be used to:
  • Increase your revenue through new license agreements
  • Increase your Page Rank though link backs or content removal (making your original writing more unique)
  • Discovery of new business directions by finding what content is more widely copied and re-used
We know there are a lot more important uses CopyrightSpot offers you and will continue to comment on them here. We look forward to providing you everything you need to publish online with confidence.